October 21, 2008

Cross-Over Braids

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a few days. I've actually been trying to post the video on french braiding but I think I may have a virus on my computer & it keeps booting me off. So I'm going to try on another computer & get it up for those of you who want to see it. I also had a few requests on doing the inside-out french braid (the braid i did today) & the corkscrew twist (twist braid). In the future I will show those on a video also.

Here's today:
First, part the hair straight down the middle.
Next, part the hair in half. Pull two opposite sides up & secure with elastic. You are going to be french braiding at an angle with what is left out.
Start your braid, start at an angle.
It really is easier than what you think - you just don't grab any of the hair in the elastics & that keeps it easy.
Let down the rest of the hair & start braiding that side at an angle, also. If I were to do this again, I would try to make where they meet in the middle & cross just a little higher. That has to do with the way you part the hair in half.
When I was crossing over, I had no more hair to grab until I got to the other side, so I did a few braids without pulling hair up into it & then continued doing a normal french braid once there was hair to pull up again. It may not make sense until you try it yourself.
front view:
Take a comb to the side & smooth out any bumps. Spray to hold. I dried the ends of her hair & curled them under. Where her cross over was lower than what I would have liked - I didn't add bows so it didn't cover the cross-over. If it was higher, I would have added some.


katie said...

This is so SO cute! I can't wait for my daughters hair to get longer so I can try some of these. Thanks for all the cute ideas, this is my new favorite blog:)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this do!! I did it on the little girl I baby sit yesterday and as she was walking into school a mom of another kiddo told me how cute it was!! It wasn't hard and was really pretty quick which was great! Thanks for the fabulous idea!

ALEX & KARI said...

I did this hairdo to my daughter's hair yesterday and it turned out so cute! We had a dentist appt. at my work after school and everyone thought it was darling. Thanks for the idea!


The Rogers Family said...

I was so excited to find your blog!!! I just happened upon it from another friend's blog. I tried this criss cross braid and it turned out great! My 4 year-old daughter got so many compliments on her hair! We're sitting down together right now picking out a hairdo for tomorrow! Thanks so much for the great ideas...you are so creative! Lindsay

jeNnA said...

Very cool! I love it. We are waiting On my daughters hair to grow back out again. But I think we can manage this one. I am adding a link to your blog. What a neat Idea. Thanks for sharing your talents!