October 23, 2008

I'm not blogging as often as I would like & I'm sorry. I feel like I've been doing the same things over & over or similar things. So I want to know what you guys want to see. I am still trying to upload the frenchbraiding video. & I have on my list to show the corkscrew braid (twist braid) & inside-out frenchbraid. But what else do you guys want to see?

After many issues with my computer & then with blogger, I am finally able to upload this post that I've been trying to do all day. I went to also post the frenchbraiding video - but blogger was encountering problems. I promise it's coming!!

What we came up with today:
It kind of looks like a less than sign (remember in math the alligator chomps or the lesser # - i know - pretty stupid - probably shouldn't even write that incase I'm wrong:)
The easiest way to do this is to part the hair horizontally in half. Add in elastic in the bottom half to keep it out of the way of the top.
Next, add your first elastic. Add it at an ANGLE. You only bring the hair up from the half way line (remember it's pulled back - so you don't want to add it yet)
Then I braided the pony tail & added an elastic.
Pull your next section up & include the braid in it & add the elastic. Take the rest of the braid out.
I alternated between braid & puffy braid all the way down.
Right before you get to the splitted part, your pony should be as far over as you can put it. Let down the rest of the half & turn the hair so it starts going down the other way at an angle. Still remembering to alternate with braid & puff braid.
Spray to hold & add a cute bow. I kept going all the way to the end of the hair, even though I wasn't adding any more ponies. I added the bow at the last puffy braid closest to the head.
& that's it. If I didn't have as much time - I would have stopped at the half way mark & just kept the rest of the hair down. But that's what's so fun about hair - you can be as creative as you want & do what you want. You don't have to go by what I tell you.


Stephanie said...

I've never known how to do a "fish braid" I wouldn't mind instruction on that. I don't think anything looks like you're doing something the same. I think every moderation makes each hairdo something new. Trust me- my daughter would have plain straight hair without you!

Ryann said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I too don't think they are the same. Lots of variations for me and I LOVE that!

Thanks again!

Brooke said...

Even if some of your stuff is similar to what you've done before, it's just enough of a change to be something I never could've come up with on my own. It's seems like I should've been able to think of some of these ideas, but for non-creative people like me, I love all the variations to similar ideas that you come up with!

Brookie said...

i love all your hairdos, you are doing a great job, so thanks:)

Carolyn said...

Keep it up! I don't know what I'd do if you stopped blogging! Anything you do is sooo cute, even if ii is similar. Love it!

Ashley M. said...

How about showing how to curl long hair easily? I'm trying to get my like 2 1/2 ft. long hair (or so) to curl in a Renaissance style for a musical I'm in....foam curlers not doing that well for me, and it's really hard to make my curls looke "even" in the front w/ a curling iron...care to do a demo?

Josh and Ashley said...

Thank you thank you thank you.... I learn best by pictures and so I've printed off the finished product and then I let my daughter pick the do for the day. What would I do without you? Each day never fails that I recieve a compliment on my daughter. You are AWESOME!!!