October 6, 2008

another puffy braid variation

Here's another easy way to do puffy braids without having to do the normal puffy braids.
Part the hair in half. Add your 2 elastics on each side.
Now part a middle section. Split the 2 piggies up top in half & add them to your middle section & add your elastic. Then part sides remembering to include the pieces from the ponies above.
Part the hair down the middle again. Divide the pony in the middle in half & include it in each pony along with the side ponies.
It should look like 2 diamonds right in the middle. I just left the piggies down but you could do little buns.


Edwin and Sarah said...

I just LOVE it! And all the styles you have been putting up. You are my "go-to" hair person! ;]

Ryann said...

That is really cute! I honestly LOVE your hairstyles. This is my favorite hairstyle blog by far! Thank you so much!