October 2, 2008

Tres Piggies

Divide the hair in 3 sections & add your elastics.
Mirror the same on the underneath part.
Next, I combed the pony so it was ready to go & held it in my left hand & with the other hand twisted each pony tail to add to the pony. Then add your elastic. (Remember to twist the top & the bottom pieces then add to your pony)
You should end up with 3 piggie tails.
Blow dry the piggies & flip them out with a curling iron. I just added some ribbon that I had in my stash.


Danielle said...

Very cute!!

Just the Three of Us said...

Hmm, I wish you lived close by and offered classes. I never seem to be able to make it look like your photos. I know I just need to keep practicing! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Brookie said...

super cute:)