October 7, 2008

Inside-out French Braids today

If you don't know how to inside-outside french braid, do a normal french braid. & if you're not sure on how to do a normal french braid, you could easily just do normal braids starting at the top & bringing them together to the pigtails.
Part the hair down the middle. Secure one side with an elastic to stay out of the way. Part the first section that you are going to braid & secure the rest with an elastic.
Braid away doing 3 sections of braids.
Bring them together to make a pony tail. I flipped the ends over the pony.
Do both sides the same.
Add some bows & you are done!! (don't mind her face - she DID NOT want her picture taken)


Kim said...

Very Cute!!

TheHottonSix said...

Oh so very cute!

Carolyn said...

Adorable! Your little girl is so funny

Pierce Family said...

Hey Jessie,
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Thanks again.

Pierce Family said...

Me again, just thought I could mention that we are offering right now a deal on our blog to whoever puts our link on their blog or web site you receive two free flowers with your purchase. Thanks again, Monika

sportyrls said...

I just found your blog through the grapevine- and I love it! I can finally do my daughter's hair! She loves scrolling through and picking our her new hairdo for the day. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration- I was lost without it : ).

Anonymous said...

Darling! Love this hair-do!

rachel said...

I loved this hairdo! i found your blog through google while looking for some new hair ideas :)

We revised it a little bit by braiding the inside-outside braid all the way to the bottom of each braid, just leaving a little hair out with curls naturally, then brought them together to do a ponytail, looping it like you did, only it's braided . . and then just let the little hair curlies come out on top. Super cute, I could just pass out looking it her :)

Thanks for all the great ideas! you have such great detailed step by step directions :)