September 26, 2008

They look like squares in her hair...

I've done too many criss-cross stuff lately so I wanted something different. I got today's idea from when I did this:
So this is what it looks like without the crossies in it
Part the hair right down the middle. Then take your first section & add your elastic.
Add your second section & before adding the elastic, grab a small piece from the first section & cross it over. Add your elastic.
Do a second row, repeating.
You all know I love to mirror what's on top. So I did the underneath the same (2 times)
Bring it all to the middle to make your 2 piggie tails. Remember to bring a piece across on this one too.
Curl the pony tails & spray to hold. Add your cute bows & you are done!!
back view:


Anonymous said...

I love that! Thanks for the instructions makes it so much easier to try!

hoLLy said...

just found your site and i love it! keep up the great hair posts-i have 3 daughters and i need all the hair help i can get:)

other hair sites that i've found that are GREAT are,,
and my friend with five girls just started check em out!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

That is an incredibly patient child!! Wow! My kids get upset enough when I want their picture for my blog WITHOUT me getting in their hair (literally! :-) beforehand.

Very cute hairdos!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just did you get a different logo and background for your blog than what you see on the templates at Also, how did you add the color to the black and white photos, within your logo?

*Sarah Johnson* said...

You are freaking awesome that looks so hard yet you make it look so easy how long does it take you to do hair styles like this?

jess said...

Dear anonymous:
I was able to do my header different because I did it on my adobe photoshop elements & then uploaded just as you would a photo. The picture in the header was also done on that same program.

I do digital scrapbooking so I have lots of paper. That is what I used for the sides. You can find them at or or plenty other sites, most which are free.

If you go to it shows step by step what you need to do. Check it out!! It's very helpful. Jess