September 30, 2008

Down Today

I don't normally like her hair down without pulling the sides up & out of her face. But today was an exception. I thought if one side was up, it wouldn't be so bad with the other side down (she seems to be too little to understand that you can tuck your hair behind your ear) I parted the hair on a slant, but part it however you want.
Do 3 twists back, securing them with bobby pins. I personally think the twists work better if the hair is a little damp.
Round brush the hair & add polmade so that the other side isn't constantly falling in her face & stringy. Spray to hold & add your cute flower.


Carolyn said...

Sooo Cute! She is adorable.

Kim said...

Too cute!! Your little girl has beautiful hair!!

devri said...

I'ts great!! I did this too, not that style, but I love the compromise on hair!!!

Munchkins and Music said...

Love your ideas!!

Jordan & Amber said...

I love seeing all your fun ideas! I can't wait for my baby to be big enough for all this fun!
I found you through a couple different links and thought I'd add you!
Thanks for sharing!

shandieleigh518 said...

i do this style all the time to my boyfriends little girl. it is prob one of my favs, its simple and wuick to do but its so different and pretty! she actually wore this in her pics w santa! lovvee it! thanks for introducing my fav hair style to me! :)