September 24, 2008


I did twist braids on this, but if you can't remember how to do it - do regular braids. I just think twist braids are easier. If you click on twist on the labels list - scroll down to a post where it shows how to do a twist braid.

If anyone knows how to make the word twist be highlighted & then you click on it so it takes you to how to do it instead of having to scroll & look for it - let me know. I cannot figure it out for the life of me!! Thanks!! Zig-zag the part & do your two piggies.
Twist braid both the ponies (as many as you can get out of one pony)

Remember this messy bun we did a couple weeks ago?
& to secure it - you looped each piece & added a pin to secure it.
That's what you are going to do with each of the twists. Each twist will loop & secure with a bobby pin. The ends of what is left over, I looped all together & added a pin also. There were a few strands sticking out so I just sprayed them to keep them from sticking straight up. Make sure you go around in a circle getting each twist on your way.
front view:


The Petersons said...

I love this!! Very cute.

When you're making the post, highlight the word "twist" with your mouse. Then click on the button that looks like a link of a chain. (It's in between the text color button and the alignment button.) A box will pop up for you to put in the address you want. I usually click on the title of the post I want to use and copy and paste the address from my navigation bar. Hope this helps.

(And don't feel dumb, I had to ask how to add a picture to my profile yesterday!! Now that's a blonde moment!!)

Kim said...

Too Cute, I love it!!! Very creative!!

Joann said...

I think you also need to change the color of you links. Go to Layout, Fonts and Colors, then choose the link color and pick what color you wantyour links. I think this may change all of your links, though, so you may decine not to. You could probably just underline it when you type the word you are linking with. Good luck!

Becki said...

Adorable!! I love the idea of doing the messy bun with the twist braids. Thanks for another great do!