September 23, 2008

mini buns

This was SO easy & fast.
Divide the hair into four sections & add the elastic
Do little buns out of each pony. I twisted each one & wrapped it around the elastic a full circle & added an elastic to hold it there. What is left from the buns hang down with the rest of the hair. I didn't want the buns ginormous so there will be a lot of hair left over.
Curl the ends & spray to hold. I have some plastic clips I wanted to put in but I couldn't find them but I think the look cute plain. You could tie some thin ribbon on each one too. Remember to curl the ends of the ponies too.
That's it!! Pretty simple.


Becki said...

Very simple AND cute! I needed more fast and cute hair do's for school mornings. Thanks!!

Tyler and Kacie said...

Thank you for doing this cute blog! I've been trying "new do's" with my girls every morning! (Hope you don't mind)You are so creative! Keep it going....PLEASE! =0)