August 28, 2008

dOubLe WaTerFaLLs

I've done the waterfall before with nothing else on it but the one pony tail. This time, I did 2 with the climbers going up.
I parted the front of the hair on a slant & then kept it going straight down the middle. Do tuck under knots, climbing up, instead of going down. Do 3 in a row. The 3rd one up is your "waterfall". Let it hang over the rest of the hair. Blow dry it & curl it so it flips out, looking like a waterfall.
I added some clips underneath. I teased the top part of it, just to give her hair a little more volume. Spray to hold.
Front view

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Browns said...

I LOVE your blog and my daughter's hair has never looked cuter with all the ideas I get here, and I just have to say that your daughter is adorable and is always wearing the cutest outfits in the pics! What a doll.