August 27, 2008

piggies into a pony

This was really easy & stays together all day long. Part the hair straight down the middle but do your pigtails a little more forward & on the side than what you normally would.
Do a puffy braid with elastics half way down the piggy tail. Do it on both sides. I alternated with a light pink & dark pink - but it would be cuter if you had a color contrast on it (she just didn't have any other color on today:).
Bring the 2 pig tails together & secure with an elastic.
Add your bows in the front (or you could add them where the 2 piggies meet) & you're finished. You have a cute, high pony tail.


Sunny said...

Hi there! I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE that you have done this blog. I was kind of in a rut doing my little girl's hair and this has inspired me to try some new things. I have probably done about 5 - 7 of your ideas. I took some pictures, but I can't find my camera. I'll have to send you some pics.

Anyway, my name is Sunny and I am Melissa (Palmer) Pace's sister. She's the one that recommended this to me. You do an awesome job. Thank you so much!

I'm in the process of growing my 5-year olds hair out from a darling short A-line cut. It was cute, but I'm ready to have it longer and be able to do more. She has some funky layers in her hair (especially on the sides), so I have to adapt some of the styles, but it all works out.


Becki said...

WAY cute!! I am always looking for ideas for my daughter's hair, and with school starting we have been after cute and creative do's. This will be a fun one. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

I just happened upon your blog and it is my favorite hair blog now! I look at it a lot for ideas, and you always have new ones! I have 2 girls 8 & 4 and they love to come to the computer and see what new things we can do with their hair.
And your little girl is adorable!
Thank you!

JAMIE said...

I like how you used the elastics in the piggies. Very Cute!!!

Ryann said...

This is so cute! I did this hairstyle today on my 3 year old and it turned out cute! Thanks for the ideas, I look forward to doing them on my girls. Of course, they aren't that fond of it!