August 29, 2008

Topsie Knotsies

I know...I know...this looks like a lot but it really is quicker & easier than it looks. Give it a try!!
Part the hair down the middle. Do 3 pig tails on each side, trying to make them as even as possible with each other.
Grab a small chunk out of the pigtails & criss cross them. (if you look close - you can see the top criss-crossed)
After you have criss-crossed, grab another small piece & pull it straight across. You could do it while you are doing your criss-crosses so you don't have so many elastics in her hair. I added an elastic each time I pulled a piece over.
EASY!! Right? So then I just did messy buns on all the pig tails. You could finish it however you would like.
If I had enough bows of that color, I would have put one on each of the pigtails. But I had to settle just for the middle. These bows - I actually bought at Wal-Mart. They came attached to an elastic. I cut the elastic off & hot glued them to aligator clips so they would be easier to get in and out. & SUPER cheap.


Brookie said...

i love looking at your blog daily to see what you have come up with next:) your hairdos are always so cute!!!

Cris n Nick said...

Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!
Love your ideas, what a talent. It makes me feel all inspired, like I could do this. I'll give it a try, it could turn out great, or just pretty hilarious!

Munchkins and Music said...

This is awesome!
I have a question though; this week my 2 year old daughter is a flower girl at a wedding. I am putting a Tierra in her hair, but not quite sure how to do it because her hair is so fine and only goes to her shoulders. Do you have any recommendations?

Munchkins and Music said...

The tierra is a comb and only about 4 inches long

jess said...

It looks like you just left this comment & I happened to still be finishing up my last post - good timing!!

For the tiara - my little girl has a play one that sounds EXACTLY like what she will be wearing & she actually has had it for a couple years. So when she first started wearing it, it was hard to stay in. So I noticed on the days that I her hair pulled back up into a pony tail or something, it stayed MUCH better than when it was down. But I would have to pull it straight back, no part in it. But make sure you add gel & spray it to keep the hold in. Then blow dry her hair & tease it & spray it again so that it's not slicked right to her head. (it gives it a little volume - & tug on the hair a little to give room for the tiara) Then snuggle that comb in good. You could do ringlets in the pony tail or something cute like that.

If you do want to wear it down - TEASE the hair & spray it good. You want the hair to be more dirty, so it's not so fine. I would try it out before the day of the actual wedding so you can find what works best. It would be darling to keep it down, and then pull some of her hair to make a hair headband & curl the rest. Hope it works out for you!! Good luck:) Jess

BTW - do you know my sis. Melinda?