February 16, 2010

what a surprise...another side pony

If you still haven't learned to french braid or inside-out french braid - you really should. So many fun things to do with it. Of course, here's another side pony!
Part the hair in 4 sections. First braid the top half.
then braid the bottom half & bring all 4 sections into a side pony
Take out the braids that are in the pony & make into a messy bun.
front view


Chablis said...

That is SO cute, but I'm so bad at french braiding! I need to just stick a movie on for my girls and make them let me practice.

cata said...

Will give it a try on both my girls

Sheri Willardson said...

I love your blog. You are amazingly talented, and I am so glad you have chosen to share all your ideas. I have 3 little girls and I always love to try new hairstyles on them. Thank you!

jen bryner said...

i swear she has the thickest hair i've ever seen on a kid her age!!! i love this do, too bad i can't do it on my girlie anymore

Sam and Josh said...

You are amazing.

Carmen said...

You are so talented! I have been following your blog for a while now. (just learking obviously) I have a little girl and doing her hair is a challenge. I wish I had the years of experience behind me to quickly do a hair-do. My little one only likes pony tails because they are quick and easy!

trevorandsarahtaylor said...

This is my new favorite blog! The hairdo's are all SO adorable! I can't wait until my daughters hair gets long enough to do! You are so good!

famr_4evr said...

I love this hair do. Can't wait until the girls have more hair so I can copy some of these great styles you keep posting.

Gourmified said...

Okay, I did this to my daughter's hair today. I forgot to do the braids inside out, so it was entirely flat, so not nearly as cute as your daughter's hair. BUT my problem is that any time I do fun things to her hair like this, it tends to go fuzzy 1/2 way throughout the day. I put massive amounts of hairspray in her hair when it's all done, too. Any tricks for me there?