June 28, 2009

let's go for a star...again

I know I've already done a star - but we're just so excited for the fourth. If it looks a little lopsided to you on the left - it is:) We're not always perfect!! There are lots of pictures for those of you who are going to attempt this in hopes to making this easier on you.
This parts similar to the last star that I showed but you only need an elastic for each point of the star. Start out in the very front making a smal triangle for your point of your star.
Make the next 2 points by making a triangle off of the front point.
Add that front hair to your next set of points.
Here's a side view of what we've done so far:
So now, we need to bring our side back towards the center so just part the hair from the middle toward just an inch or two under the hair (look at picture)
I just sectioned the last 3 elastics off of the middle part. This might sound confusing but I'll try to explain my best. See right in the center - I parted a triangle - that is what where my bottom-middle point is going but before I put my elastic in - I need to do that right bottom point. So section off your triangle & clip back. Then part off from the triangle a small section of hair so you can add your elastic. Then bring that hair up & add to the triangle & add elastic there also. Make sense?
Mirror the same thing for the left bottom point (this is where I didn't even mine so much with the right bottom point - do better than I did:) Then bring ALL of the hair & what is left into a side pony - not necessarily making it even for that last point because a messy bun goes here & hides it.
To make the star stick out, we grabbed some ribbon, thread it on a very thick needle (you can also buy scrapbooking needles - it works perfect) & start at the very top point. I pulled more than half of the ribbon through the elastic to hold it in place - then just start wrapping around the hair all the way down to define your star. As you go around the elastics, wrap around them to also hide the elastics. End on your side pony.
Go back, do the other side the same way, also ending on your side pony.
Once I got to the end with both sides, I just tied a cute little bow around my messy bun.
Here's a side view from the bun.
Front view (for those who keep asking for a front view & I'm so bad at doing:)


livi said...

That hairdo is so adorable!!!!!

Trainer Momma said...

OK, now that is impressive. You some serious talent coming from those hands. Whoa!