June 26, 2009

another short style

My niece slept over the other night & the girls wanted twinner hair (is twinner a word?). My little niece's hair isn't long & it's very thin - so I was thinking what can I do for both of them with their hair up & out of their way - since they were on their way to gymnastics.
Here gives you an idea about how long her hair is:
We started from the bottom, making our way up. Just add 2 elastics. On short hair, this works AWESOME because it keeps the hair up all day long, instead of little whispies falling down & having to clip them up.
Do your next row & adding 3 elastics & dividing the first row of hair to go into each of the 2nd row of elastics.
Now pull the rest of the hair into 2 piggies. Make sure to remember to include the hair from the 2nd row, as shown. Once you have your 2 piggies in, do a tuck under knot or whatever you call it - & so the hair is flipped on top of the pony.
Curl the piggies
& you are finished!! If you were ambitious - you could do one more row of elastics before adding your piggies but since I had 2 girls hair to do - we didn't because of time.
So here's the long version. This is my girlie. The only difference that we did was with each elastic, we did a tuck under knot with it.
Here are the 2 little girlies together (of course the onery one is mine:) Same style - but looks different because of the length of the hair.
view from the back:


Chablis said...

Oh so cute!! I love it. Thanks- I can't wait to try it tomorrow!

nunya said...

i love it!!

Steve and Chelsie said...

Cute girls! I love all of your hair styles! I have a niece and I do her hair all the time! Thanks for all the great ideas! I love that you made this blog!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

WOW, thanks so much for all these short hairdo ideas...I'm in LOVE with them!!!!!!!!!!

J&B Boutique said...

I love it and get all excited when you do a shot hair style cause my daughters hair isn't as long ad yours quite yet. Thanks for doing this!

Kerry said...

I just tried this on my cousin's 1 year old (yes, she has that much hair!) We had to add an extra row, but she looks so cute! So far, it is the only style we can get all of her hair in!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! I just did it on my daughter and it only took about 15 minutes (she fights me when I try to do her hair, thus the amonut of time).