June 1, 2009

Everyone is wearing braids (no matter the age) & they are SO easy & quick that most everyone can do it on themselves or on their girly. I saw this on Nicole Richie in a magazine but she had bangs & it looked pretty cute with the loose bangs in front. This would be darling for church or a wedding or something more fancy. This would probably only work on longer hair. Sorry!!
Start by doing a part straight down the center. Then back comb (tease) the hair & pull it into a low pony tail. Tug on the hair a little to give it more lift.
Split the pony into 2 sections & braid each section. Use clear rubber bands at the ends.
Pin each braid up the side & tuck to hide the rubberbands & ends of the hair. Do the same thing on each side. If she was to be a flower girl, you could add flowers all over her hair. Or if the ends don't exactly meet in the middle or are too long, you could curl the ends.


Emma said...

so cute. i love braids!

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