May 21, 2009

Thought you gals might want to know about a sale at free shipping with any order over $10 starting today til Monday. So go check it out & get the code for it.


Zajcha said...

It's Zajcha from Herbie Hair by Zajcha. I'm 12 and have just started following all the hair blogs and adapt quite a few of your hair do's to suite me (as I'm older). I think the hair and models are gorgeous.
Anyway I was hoping you'd do me a favour and link my site

I found your site and others using these links and I'd appreciate it a lot. Cheers!

Many Thanks

Luke & Erica said...

Hi there, I came across your blog. I love your adorable little model. I am a mother of three girlies and love doing their hair. I also started making my own hair bows. You should check out my blog I make flower bows (with ribbon), traditional bows, as well as korker bows. I never charge more than $3.00 for a single bow, and I make sets for $3.00 as well. I don't believe you need to spend a fortune on hair accessories, they are not the star, your little ones are.