April 2, 2009

soft curls for Easter

This was really easy & quick - the longest thing took curling, which took about 20 minutes for the entire hairdo. So once again, thinking about Easter, I wanted to do something a little more fancy that you probably wouldn't normally do for school or in the week.
First, part your headband. I don't have a picture, but I secured the two sides of the head band under the hair with an elastic to keep it as a headband. Otherwise, it would constantly be in her face, falling out. Then pull half of the hair up & don't pull through all the way, leaving a small poof on her head.
Curl her hair with this CURLING TECHNIQUE. It took about 15 minutes to curl her hair all over. We actually went to a park this day to fly kites (lots of running) & when we returned, her hair was still curly & still looked cute.
We added some little clippies in the pony left over so it gave it some texture.
You can't see well in the picture, but we sprayed hair glitter all over in her hair just go give it that special occassion look - plus the glitter is her favorite thing so it's fun to pull it out once in awhile. (i bought mine at walmart during halloween time - not sure if you are still able to buy it since it's seasonal but check a hair supply store like Sally's)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!Your little girl is so pretty and has such pretty hair.I really like blonde hair.How old is your girl?I like to fix hair,too!Well,bye for now!
Love your blog!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Just gorgeous!!! I always love it when you post and I sit there and wish my 2 year old's mullet looked like your daughters gorgeous locks!

Merynne said...

Hi there, don't know if I invited you before, but my blog is... http://tinydiva.blogspot.com/
I was wondering if I could add your blog to my links? Thanks! Love this style, btw, very pretty!