January 8, 2009

Pigtails, curled

I know this is really simple today but it's something everybody should be able to do. Don't mind the mess in the background. It was wash day so my sheets are in the wash. 
Throw the hair up into piggies. I did a zig-zag part just to add a little more to it. These curls are SUPER easy & work for everything. This is actually how I did her hair for our family pictures. I'll have to post a picture. 

Anyway - start by adding some type of polmade or curling gel after it is dry. I use Garnier Fructis curling gel or reshapable putty - they both work well. Then I clamp the hair down closer to the base of the head. 
Then wrap the rest around the barrel. Hold for about 25-30 seconds. Don't worry if the hair twists while you wrap it. It looks just as cute. 
These don't look as curly because I did thicker strands to make it go quicker. But I sprayed it with hairspray then ran my fingers through it. You don't have to run your fingers through - it gives it a curlier look.  It holds pretty well all day long. 
Then add your bows. All of my front view pictures are pretty blury - so this is what you get!!


Rachel said...

She is the most gorgeous lil' thing ever! I love that do!

Nielsen Family said...

My favorite are the simple ones! Love this! Thank you!