February 10, 2009

Fish Tail Flip

Start by sectioning the front of the hair where you will start the fish tail braid. 
You are going to fish tail braid the hair & pull the pieces from the sides (like you would a french braid) instead of just the sectioned part. It's super easy. Just pull a piece from the side & cross it over, continuing until you've gone down as far as you want. 
This is what it should look like. Section it off with an elastic. 
Pull the rest into a pony, including the fish tail. FISH TAIL BRAID the pony tail. 
Flip it up & secure with an elastic, having the ends stick out of it. 
I added some ribbon & then sprayed the ends with there stick out & rolled the hair over my fingers to give it a flipped look with the ends (instead of having to pull out my curling iron). That's all there is to it. 


Brynn said...

Super cute, it reminds me of a "whale tale" for some reason.

Kenny Do's said...

DUDE... your french fish is COOOOOOOL! I have a similar do I have archived and not posted yet on "K" but it's only an itty bitty fish braid and I don't know if i've ever seen the french fish?? very stylin!

Jill said...

SO cute! I'm in absolute love with the fishtail braid and only recently figured out how to do it. My daughter's been sportin' the look for days now. Love your twist on it!