February 5, 2009

A Fancy UpDo

My little girlie went to a Fancy Nancy party last week & got to dress up in fancy clothes so I decided she had to have fancy hair with it. 
Start by sectioning out the hair & twisting it straight back. Add a bobby pin going forward to secure it. 
Go all the way around the head, sectioning, twisting & adding your pins. Then pull it all into a pony tail. 
Start to pin the hair by doing the flower bun.  But leave a portion out so that it hangs down underneath. 
I blow dried & curled what was hanging down
For her ribbon, I tied a bow & then put the bobby pin through the middle of it & insert it in the hair where you want it to go. 
Add the ribbon & spray to hold. We added glitter in her hair for some extra "fanciness". 
from the front: 


sweetmama.heather said...

I love this style, it's so beautiful. Thank you for the idea!

April said...

She looks absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for the great idea. My daughter has to be a flower girl in her uncle's wedding and we need a fancy up do and this just may be the one! Thanks!!

allthingsribbon said...

I love it! So cute!

CathyBB said...

This is super cute! I bet she loved it. =)

Of all things the bow is my favorite part! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

MaKayla said...

I hope she had fun!Her outfit and hair looks sooo cute!;)

Annie said...

Dear Jess, I have been a fan of your blog ever since I have been blogging. Sometimes little kids come over to my hause, and I LOVE to experiment these hairstyles on their hair. On New Year's Eve, my friends came over, and I had already memorized a lot of these. When I was finished the parents said, "Wow! It looks great! Thanks!" So Jess, I want to thank you!

Amy Prather said...

I am sharing your page with all my facebook friends! Thanks for the wonderful ideas! You ROCK!

Hair Between my Fingers said...

Dear Jess, I started my own blog and I love your work. I would love it if you could add my blog as on of your "other hairblogs". www.hairbetweenmyfingers.blogspot.com

Jill said...

So glad I "googled" 'fancy nancy hairdos'! My 3yo daughter and I are going to a Fancy Nancy luncheon on Valentine's day and her all-on-length hair is just a perfect blank canvas for something super fun like the examples you've shown in your blog! Thank you!

Mindy said...


I added you in my links of fellow hair bloggers--I was hoping you would do the same--I know you are probably sick of these "other hair bloggers". I can see you already have one other comment asking for the same thing--

But I was just hoping you would take a look at mine. It's www.cutegirlshairstyles.blogspot.com

Thanks and sorry in advance! LOL

Kenny Do's said...

This one is so pretty! I'm sure she felt fancy nacyish! ;)