January 13, 2009

Loose, Messy Piggies

So here's another EASY hair do today. This can be done with either short or long hair. 
I started by pulling the front back in a triangle shape. Add your elastic. 
Put the rest into piggies. I defused it just a little bit to give it more volume but it can be straight too. 
Just bunch the hair up, as shown, and add your elastic. Leave some of the hair underneath hanging so it looks loose. 
Add a bow - I added it to the first elastic instead of the 2 piggies just to change things up. 
Use your fingers to spread the bun out more. Spray to hold. That's all it is. Really simple. 


Erin said...

Cute! I do my buns just like you show and they never turn out as cute as yours!

JuliaVP said...

I just love your hairstyles! So cute!

What types of elastics do you use, and do you have trouble with getting them out?

snuggles2901@yahoo.com said...

So cute! I just found your blog. I have a 5 month old girl (2 older boys, too), so i'm getting ideas from your blog. I have NO idea how to do hair. Mine goes in a ponytail every day. I can't wait until I can do her hair!

*Chelsey* said...

So cute! Your blog makes me with I had a little girl!! I will have to try some of these tricks out on my nieces!!

Joann said...

Okay, I feel really dumb. But, I always love you messy buns. Is there any way you could do a video tutorial on it? I know...so simple, but I really hate my messy buns! Thanks!!

natjwalker said...

I love this hair-do! My only daughter (out of 5 kids) is the baby and of course historically has been a tom-boy. She has finally gotten into the stage of wanting to have her hair done cute! Finally getting some use out of all the elastics and bows that I have accumulated over the years! Thanks so much for sharing it is adorable!!!

The Redhead Bunch said...

OK-I am messy piggy impaired! Could you do a video on how you get the messy piggies to turn out! I can't seem to get them to be rounded/poofy without elastics showing and loopies going weird directions!