December 13, 2008

down & curly

These pictures just don't do it justice how cute this really is. My husband loves when I keep her hair down & he just kept saying how cute it was today. It's the curls - they're too cute not to try. It makes her looks so grown up:( But it also makes her hair look thicker than what it really is.

I let her hair air dry today. Then I put some curling gel from Garnier Fructis all over. I pinned the bangs back before I started to curl away.
I'm going to have to demonstrate these curls - it's the same way I curl mine & I've been doing them more often on her lately & they seem to hold a lot better than wringlet curls. I start by curling just the top layer. Then go fill in spots (i ended up curling all of her hair but on myself, I don't curl all of the underneath - it gets too thick). You hold the curling iron closer to the base of the head & wrap the hair around the curling iron & hold for 20-25 seconds. After I've gone all the way around - I brush my fingers through to make it not look "just off the curling iron look". Then I spray pretty good with hair spray to hold it. That's it. This would work on any length of hair. Try it out & let me know how it worked on your girlie.

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