October 15, 2008

Braided Piggies

Divide the top in 3 sections.
Braid the 2 sides & leave the middle straight.
Divide the middle in half & add to pony along with a braid crossing over it.
Do the same to the other side.
Braid the piggies & flip the braid over so it is in half & add your elastic.

I sprayed the ends a little so they flipped over the ponies & looked curled. You could use a curling iron if that's easier for you.


Dez said...

That is adorable. I'll have to try it on my 3 year old, she loves anything to do with braids.

Rachel said...

I love you.

THis turned out super cute on my kiddo this morning!

Thank yoU!!

Ryann said...

Very cute and I did this today and it was simple and easy and fast! Thanks so much!

Dasha said...

i found your blog off of hair4myprincess. love what you're doing. this is actually the first do that i've tried off your blog. of course, it wasn't my little girl. she just has no hair. but the little girl that i watch, well she has hair. i'm hoping to try some of your other dos. but i had to start with something simple and get better with practice i suppose. thanks again!