September 17, 2008

side pony with worm twists

Start by parting from ear to ear to do your puff braid.
Pull it all back, including the section with the puff braid, into a low side pony.
To do the worm twist, twist a section of hair. Keep twisting until it begins twisting down. I left out the ends to make them spikey, but you could twist all the way down so they are not. You could do the whole pony tail, but I thought it was cute to leave some out. Pin the twists with bobby pins to hold in place.

Spray the hair to hold & that's it!!


girlypinkroses said...

This is so cute have to try this!thx for all the CUTE ideas! My daughters & I love them!

Aleasha said...

this is way cute. i will try this one tomorrow!!!

Trenda said...

I love your creativity! I will definitely try these. I am just wondering where you get all your cute flowers for your daughters hair! Could you please e-mail me at to let me know. I would really apperciate it!

Carolyn said...

Adorable! I love this