July 30, 2008

Knots & Twists

Part the hair down the middle & do tuck-under knots.
Grab the 2 pieces from the tuck under knots & tie them like you are going to tie a bow.
This is what it should look like. Pull the knot all the way down to the base of the head.
Put into pig tails including the ends of the knot.
Do the exact same knot that you did up above & pin it with bobby pins underneath to hold the knot. You can see the pins in the picture.

I scrunched the ends of her hair because she has natural curly hair. But if your girly doesn't, then curl the ends to do little ringlets. Add cute bows to the pig tails to finish it off.


The Steel's said...

Yeah! This one worked really well for us. It was super fast and Katelyn was able to sit through it. I love it! It turned out really cute! Thanks!

Princess Charmed Mom said...

So cute! The twists are beautiful! Thanks!

The Petersons said...

I really like this one! Great idea.

Jamie said...

So cute! We did something sort of like this but for short hair. I like how you did the ends by pulling it all up. Very cute! Your little girl is darling!


Bowznstuff said...

this looks absolutely AWESOME! I love it! Your little girl is SO cute and your hairstyles are amazing! Do you wanna link up? Come leave me a comment if you do.

Ryann said...

I can't seem to be able to get my twist to stay around the rubberband? I have tried this style twice with no luck and I LOVE it and want to do it on my almost 3 year old? After you wrap the hair twice, how do you get the rubberband-a second one I presume-in?
Thanks for your ideas-my children look better than ever!

Ryann said...

Just wanted to say that I commented on the wrong one-it is supposed to be about the wrap around puffy braid one. I did this one and it turned out cute!


jess said...

Ryann - I hope you read this again. Here is the answer to your question: I wrap the hair twice, just like you said, making sure it ends underneath the hair - so that means you grab the wrap around piece from under too & then I add a second rubberband as close to the wrap as I can so it keeps it in - while pinching the wrap around with at the same time so it does not come undone. It sounds complicating - but it really is easy. Hairspray as you go along maybe that will help hold it. Let me know how it works out. jess

Ryann said...

Thanks a lot Jess. I will try it tomorrow. Today we did the waterfall hairstyle and well, she doesn't have enough hair to waterfall over with but it still turned out cute. Thanks for the help! I will let you know how it turned out.