July 31, 2008

Braided Piggies

Zig-zag the part from the top all the way to the bottom. Do puffy braids, starting at the bottom & making your way up by clipping the top hair out of the way.

I did three rows of puff braid & then put into pigtails.
Do 4-5 braids on each pigtail.

Loop each braid up & then put one elastic around it to hold the loops in place.
Curl the ends of the hair over the piggies & spray.

Back view
Add some cute bows & there you have it.


Ashley said...

Wow, I LOVE all these ideas! This is making me so excited for when my baby gets older and has long hair, and I hope I can make her look half as cute as you make your little girl look!

Princess Charmed Mom said...

So pretty! I love the zigzag part & puff braids! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!

Jenn said...

I love how WIDE you do your zig zag part in this one--- and I love your sight! You have a very cute blog-page. And an even more adorable daughter!

lovingmysoldier said...

Love this one! And I could do it with my more hair challenged little one...if I could just learn how to do a zig zag part....lol

Amanda said...

I love your blog. I have 3 girls with super long hair and always check for new ideas. However, you need to blog on ideas to get your kids to sit and let theri moms do super cute hair. my kids are pretty good but they do have limits:) What are your tricks?