June 25, 2008

Flower clips

On my trip to Tai Pan yesterday, I didn't come out with what I went in for, but I did come out with darling flowers for clippies!! You can also buy some at Roberts or Michaels. These are SO easy & darling. If you have a baby girl, you could even just clip these on to the headbands. I always make 2 of everything, just so I have the option. You also will need: hair clips from Roberts, hot glue gun & a pencil. (if you want to add any other embellishments also. I used glitter, eyelets & ribbon)

Take the flower COMPLETELY apart, so it will lay more flat on the clip. hot glue each section back together so it will stay together. Clip the clippie onto a pencil. Hot glue the flower onto the clip & let it dry...and voila...beautiful flower clips!!

I sprayed the red & white flowers with gold glitter.

The middle of these flowers made them look too fake. I took it out when I took the flower apart & just hot glued the eyelets in it's place instead.
I had some pink paper flowers from my scrapbooking pile. I decided to just add them with the ric rac ribbon. Adde has lots of pink & green clothes so I thought it would be cute together.


Nielsen Family said...

Look at my blog and you will see that we just got pictures taken again of our family and I tried something new and fun with Kyla's hair with inspiration from you! When he gives us the CD of all the pictures I will have to send you one that shows the hair do best.

Mike and Felisha said...

You don't know me but I love your blog!! I sometimes put little jewels in the middle of my flowers. It turns out really cute!!

The Duckworth Family said...

Hey, I got this site,link from a friend who thought of me when she saw it. I do some fun hair dos as well and thougth if you ever want other ideas, or model pictures even, I have a billion pictures already taken or can take the step by step ones that you have. Just a thought for a little variety. You do some cute do's, I just do a different style, so basically offering another style on your blog. Anyway, email me if your interested in seeing some pictures!
Camille Duckworth

LisaLou said...

Jess--I found your blog via She Does Hair and I love your styles! Your little girl has beautiful hair. Mine is 3 and was bald for the first year, so she has some length now to play with but it is still pretty thin. I have another bald one that is 8 months. I know this flower post is an old one, so hopefully you will get this comment/questions. I don't know what you mean by take the flower completely apart. Also are you getting these flowers just in the regular silk flower section that you might use for a wreath or flower arrangement? I don't live in Utah, but have been to Tai Pan--love it! Could I get these types of flowers just at Michael's? I live in Reno and we hardly have anything good for crafts here. Thanks for your time in posting all these dos!

jess said...

Yes, I do just buy a regular silk flower & you can buy them anywhere. Wal-Mart, Roberts, Michaels. Whatever you think would look good in her hair or for a bow.

What I mean by taking them completely apart is cut off the stem as close as you can to the flower with scissors or wire cutters. There usually is some type of green cap or plastic to hold all the flower together onto the stem. Pull that off. & take the flower COMPLETELY apart, getting the wire or whatever is in the middle out of it so that the flower will lay flat once it's on the clip or headband. Otherwise, the flower sill stick up.

It's hard to explain, but you'll see once you get a flower. & it's a lot easier than what it sounds. It's not going to hurt the flower by pulling it apart at all. Once you've removed the wire or stem from all of it you hot glue the flower back together how it was or however you want it. You could leave the middle part out that it came with & add rhinestones, buttons or anything you have laying around. I sprayed mine with glitter that I just got from Roberts. Be creative. Hope that helps you!!

If you have any other questions, let me know! Jess

Jenn said...

LOVE this! I have recently discovered your site and am enjoying cruising your archives. :) I have two girls (5 and almost 8) with looong hair...and I'm trying to change up our regular hair do rut.
Do you like a certain kind of rubber band? I've tried several and I'm sure there has to be something better out there. And, any trick to getting the little bitty piggies to lay so flat and straight? Both of mine have curly/wavy hair so that may be part of the problem...
Thanks in advance for any help!