June 25, 2008

Cute Short Bob

I watched my neice today & she jumped in the bath with my kids. But I was excited because that meant I got to do another little girl's hair:)
First, I parted her hair on an angle, instead of straight, just to add a little more to a bob. Then I round brushed her hair in 3 different sections: the bottom, middle & top. I used my biggest roundbrush, which I think is the biggest size you can buy. I blow dryed the base as much as I could, to give it more volume. But don't round the sides as much as you would the back. Add a cute little clip to keep her bangs back & there you go!!


Anonymous said...

i love this hair do. will it work with really thick hair and a chin-length bob?

west's said...

Yes - it should work. My hair used to be cut like this & I was growing it out & I would still do it the same way. Just round brush it in 3 sections: bottom, middle & top. But since the hair is so thick, as in this picture, her hair is not thick at all, go back & take a flat iron to your hair after you have round brushed. Do the flat iron in the same 3 sections. I also apply polmade right before I flat iron each section. Try it out & let me know if it works for you.

If you want more volume up top, hold your round brush closer to the base of your head & hold the dryer for a few seconds, doing it around the crown of the head. Then you could also tease it after, if needed. Hope it works!! Jess