October 26, 2010

messy bun...for the longer & thicker hair

I've had people ask how to do their girlie's hair in a messy bun once it gets so long & thick. Honestly - I'm not lovin' messy buns with my girlie's hair lately. Her hair is too long for them but time's come a calling when we are in a rush & they still are the fastest thing for me to do. This is a good example - normally - I don't like to do messy buns on one pony tail - it's just way too heavy...she'll even tell me her head is heavy on those days:) So if I do it in 2 pigtails - they usually look nicer & aren't quite so heavy.

So here you have your pony tail you want to make into a messy bun.
Pull it up 1/2 thru & secure with elastic
This is the secret right here: do the exact same thing as that first step. Fold the hair in half again & secure with elastic.
Then depending on the look I'm going for, I will add bobby pins to give it a more messy look - or use rubber bands & do the messy look I've always done. It's that second step that is helpful for those with longer hair.
Here's a front view
Hope that helps. There are some other ways that I also do that I will post later.


cata said...

Having the same problem, my oldest girl has hair down to her waist, ugh!! It's beautiful but sometimes I wish it was shorter, because it;s harder to do her hair.
But she does not want to cut it!!
thanks for posting

Jenni said...

I LOVE that you let me read the whole post in my reader! That totally makes you my favorite hair blog!

Debbie said...

I love reading your blog! It gives me some great ideas with my girl's hair for school!

April said...

I'm so excited I found your blog. I've asked a few people to show me how to do hair, particularly messy buns but for some reason they aren't willing. My daughter has long thick hair and lots of headbands due to my lack of ability. . .so thank you so much for sharing your talents, I can't wait to try!

Browns said...

I just don't get it...and I have watched your tutorial over and over, but I can't seem to get that second step right. They end up looking terrible and I have to take them out. SO frustrating!

@mie said...

How many elastics are you using all together in the messy bun?

Kim Simon said...

A good bun hairstyle. . .
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