July 2, 2010

stars & stripes

I know I have totally neglected this blog but I have my reasons!! We enjoyed a 2 week vacation at Myrtle Beach. & since we've been home - we've been swimming everyday, either at swim lessons or at grandma's pool & we've just been keeping it perfect hair for swimming - 2 french braids. Stays out of her hair the whole time & is not tangly when we take it out. So my apologies but I do have a fun one for the FOURTH of JULY

This is our version of the American flag. Girlie thought I was literally going to do stars & stripes - nope just improvise!! She loved it & giggled when she looked in the mirror saying how fun it is! & brother kept giggling & saying her hair looked silly. Pretty funky but oh so fun!!

our version:the American Flag - see it? please say yes!
Part the hair down the middle & divide a square on the left side where the stars would go. The rest of the hair is going in the "stripes"
Start braiding for the stripes. I put the elastic closest to the hair. You could do this a few different way. You could braid all the way down. You could bring all this into a side pony or if you can't french braid - you can do puffy braids - using elastics instead.
I braided 6 braids!
Now to the "star" section. Divide little sections in the hair & add elastics. Do the entire squared section
Do mini buns for the stars. I was wishing the entire time that I had those miniature clips (in red preferrably) to secure each bun. It would have been darling & added to it & also taken less time. I just wrapped with an elastic to secure.
Here we go. The stars are all bunned up & the braids stripey!
I just curled what was left down but you could definitely pull it into a side pony, I even thought about twisting it down to a low side pony.
front view. I know it's funky but it's way cute in person.
& she decided she wanted to bow in with it & it looked darling. Love it.


The Shumway Family said...

You are amazing!

Meghan said...

I am soo jealous that you were in Myrtle Beach, my brother his wife and their baby are there right now visiting her family. It is my favorite place on earth. It's amazing there. So beautiful.