June 1, 2010

slanted frenchbraid

If you know how to inside-out french braid, this is a must. So, so easy & just a little twist (or slant:) to make it not look like your traditional french braid.
Start the braid on either side of the head.
Begin inside-out french braiding down the head - making sure it stays on a slant. Pretty hard not to at this point.
Add elastic to secure braid.
Wrap hair around the base of the braid. I secured with an elastic & covered it as much as possible with hair. This seems to hold the best. I also spray it with hairspray as I wrap.
Curl the pony & add a cute bow.
top view
***For those of you who have asked what I put in her hair??? NOTHING!! Honestly. I do her hair when it is damp & only use a tail comb. Spray it with hair spray & use the comb again to smooth everything out. So I guess not nothing - only hairspray. Now - if I am keeping it down we use the Garnier Fructise Curling Gel whether I'm curling it or not. It's just a great scultping gel. I think everyone thinks you need to add all this product but the secret is do it while it's wet. It holds all day & we don't get many flyaways. Especially if I spray it & then comb back again.


Mommy of Two said...

Very cute!

andrea said...

Sigh. I need so much hair help. Can I come over? This is so cute...I can't believe what gorgeous hair she has.

shandieleigh518 said...

i like it! and i like the new lay out, very cuutee. i love love love ur blog just so u kno lol thanks for sharing, we (my boyfriends daughter and i) appreciate all the adorable ideas :)

Laurene said...

Wow! Such gorgeous super thick blond hair!!! It must be sheer joy to work with! Thank you for sharing with all!

McCall said...

I cannot ell you how much I love your blog. I ant to have a blog but I'm not allowed. So until my mom lets me, I'll will read your blog! I love the ideas that you make up for your daughter, i do the same for my mom, ya, my mom doesn't do my hair i do hers.So keep posting often because I love it !