January 19, 2010

What can I say...I HEART side ponies so if you see that I am constantly posting them -it's probably not the end of it. There are so many variations of doing one that I just love them & how quick they are!! Today's is especially quick:
Make your regular piggies
Cork screw twist one piggy & take the other side. Add an elastic to make ONE piggie on the side.
Cork screw twist the side pony
fold the hair in half & add elastic. Since my girlie's hair is so long, as I was adding my elastic right here, I folded her hair AGAIN in half (see pic below)
To give it more of a bun look:
The cute whispies that are left out on top of the pony, I curled.
I SO wish she would let me put bows in her hair again (although sometimes I am very sneaky & get one in without her noticing:) Spray the cute curled whispies
That's it!! Very fast & easy - anyone can do it!!
front view:


Emily said...


Andrea said...

Love this. Hey maybe my daughter will sit long enough for me to pull this one off. Thanks for the great ideas!

Christy said...

Adorable! Definitely going to give this one a shot.

Abbie said...

Cute variation. I love side ponies too. I love her pretty, thick, shiny hair! It always looks so good!!!!

Natalie said...

So cute! Could you do a tutorial video on how to do that cork screw twist? I'm always messing up on them! Thanks!!

Anna said...

love your blog!

shandieleigh518 said...


Lerwill Momma said...

OH, MY! with the stress of a little diva growing up so fast, and the make-up, and the hair bows.. Its nice to find a place that gives different ideas on how to do my little angels hair! Im excited to swarm through your prev. posts, and look forward to the updated ones! Mind if I follow?