October 28, 2009

Something for the long hair...

This kind of looks like a bow tie on it's side. You really need longer hair to do this - but you may be able to simplify it somehow & use it for short, also.
Before I dried her hair, I put Garnier Fructise's Mousse in it to help make it not so soft after it was dried. Then I teased her hair just a bit with a comb right in the front to give it a little more volume & then pinned back:
Bring the rest into a low pony & don't pull the hair all the way thru (but don't pull too much - I just left as small a loop as I could). Secure that with another elastic so you don't have hair falling out of it.
The pony tail that is sticking out, begin pinning in loops about the same size & loop below.
Make it look as even as possible & use your fingers to spread the hair & hide any openings. That hair that is left over - you are going to wrap around the elastic to hide it. I spray it as I go, then secure it with a pin & it should stick good for you all day.
Spray to hold & you are finished. This looks really cute for church or with a dress - it fancies it up just a bit.
side view


shandieleigh518 said...

i just have to say that i absolutely love ur blog... u and babesinhairland are my favorites! i am so hair obsessed its not even funny haha thanks for sharing all ur great ideas!

Sam said...

I came across your blog from another blog and all I can say is that you are amazing! I have never seen anything like this! Wish I had my own girl to do this with, but I have 2 wonderful boys! You should do pagent hair or something and make some money if you are not already! You are talented! Wow, speechless.

Luke & Erica said...

Hey there, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I have a great deal on my blog for the month of November, lilcutiehairbows.blogspot.com

AnnieBreAnnie said...

I love this hair do it is so cute!

Kaly Joe Parker said...

Your hairstyles are so adorable. I want more! LOL