June 12, 2009

a french braid on it's side

If french braiding doesn't come very easy to you - this is a simpler way to french braid. You only take strands from one side, instead of both, making the braid look like it's leaning on the side instead of flat. It's a fun little twist to the normal french braid.
I started by sectioning what I wanted in the braid & clip the rest back so it doesn't get included. I failed to show that I brushed the hair that was going to be included in my braid forward since you are only taking from one side. Makes it much easier - you'll see once you get going.
I realize this isn't a very good picture but just wanted to give you an idea how the braid goes. Start with your regular 3 strand braid. When you come around to the RIGHT side, grab a strand from the hair brushed forward. DO NOT grab anything when you get to the left side!! Keep going until it's the right side's turn again & just keep grabbing as you go along only from that right side. Make sense?
From the front, this is what it looks like. Add an elastic to secure the braid.
I pulled the rest of the hair up into a side pony, including the braid. This is what the braid looks like from behind, you can see how it looks like it on it's side. If you wanted, you could only grab from the left side & this would be in the front. Up to you!
front view of braid
I wanted to show that you could do it on 2 side by side braids, also. But when you do the left side, only grab from the left. When braiding the right side, only grab from the right. You can go as far down as you would like.


Maddie GIrl said...

Very cool way to spice up that old french braid! Love it!

Rachel said...

Very cute! We'll have to try this one soon.

Alli Blue said...

I likey!

Mum-me said...

We call this a "Crown Plait" because it stands up like a tiara. My girls like to have it decorated with butterfly or flower clips, or Velcro jewels. I've never tried two side by side - I like that idea!

Bethany said...

I really love your site-I check in often because I'm trying to learn how to do my first little girl's hair. (NO CLUE how to do my own! :)
As I've seen your various styles, and loved them, there are lots that I just keep wishing had a full frontal view. I don't know if that makes your life harder, but I sure would love to see what the cute little 'do looks like straight from the front. :)

Thanks! :)

Karin Katherine said...

This is really helpful to me since I have no idea how to french braid. I hope I can figure this out. It looks so cute.