May 8, 2009

time for another FANCY NANCY party

We've had fun going to all the Fancy Nancy birthday parties - but I've had more fun thinking of a fancy do to go along with it.
I know. I know. She's naked but I tried to crop it & it won't upload what I cropped - even though it shows it's cropped in my folder. I tried not to get too much of her. We didn't want to get her dress on yet - so here's a bad mom moment.

I parted the hair on the side. Then I parted 3 slanted parts going from the side part to the ear & twist. I added an elastic to hold the twist (because once I got away from the base of the head - I turned it into a corkscrew twist) & then bobby pinned it in place while finishing my twists. Do 3 twists on each side.
Bring all the hair into a pony tail. I kind of pulled one twist from each side at a time so that I could make sure the twist was still twisted tight & good.
Now that we have our pony, I did a corkscrew twist just all over randomly in the pony.
Now, curl all the straight pieces that aren't in the twists.
Pin all the curls & all the twists to give a fun updo.
We added our must have spray glitter because she feels like she has to wear it anytime we do a fancy do or are going to a party. It does add a lot though.
front view:
We finished it off with a cute little tiara.


Kristi said...

Love it! Can't wait till I can do that one on Maddie!

Panamenos said...

it's beautiful!

Merynne said...

Oh, I just love this! I tried something like this with braids on my little miss, but her hair isn't long enough yet:( But, wow, this looks just lovely. If you changed the back to a french twist, this would make a beautiful wedding look!... Okay, ideas are flowing:)

SHELLY said...

That looks so pretty Jess. Your twists look so neat...makes mine look like my husband did them!
I'm jealous. Good job!
Shelly (Pimp that Hair blog)

TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...

Could you maybe explain the twist more, is it just the sections broken in two and twisted together? TIA, Cyndee

Jess Perry said...

What a pretty pretty princess!! Definately Fancy!!

Amanda said...

I can't wait to try this. My daughters hair is really fine so I might end up having to do braids instead of twists. We have a hard time getting those to stay tight. Keep the great ideas coming!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so cute!!!
Your little girl is adorable!!!

rakel98 said...

my princess and i love this hairdo i just cant get the twist on the top is there any way you can maybe put up a short video to explain we would appreciate it !!

raising4princesses said...

i love this! Going to try for Sunday. I'm your newest follower from

can't wait to try this on one of my little princesses! Thanks, Maria

Rachael Liebhart said...

This would be great for gymnastics meets! Thx!