April 18, 2009

A Little Loose Today

Since the weather has been getting nicer & she's been wearing summer dresses, it's been fun to do cute little loose updos. We were going to a park & wanted something out of her face & it worked.
Part half the hair down all the way around the crown. Clip the hair up so it's not in the way. With what is down, I parted down the middle to divide the twist braids in 2.

Do your twist braid on each side
Bring the 2 twist braids together in the middle with an elastic, pulling it tight as you add your elastic.
Curl the hair that is left on top. I did very fast curls, knowing that I was pulling it all back.
After curling, I pinned the bangs back with bobby pins & then loosly pulled the rest into a ponytail, including the pony from the twist braids. Don't pull thru all the way & let the curl hang over the pony.

Add a cute flower underneath the hair, instead of on top (i feel like I'm always putting them on top, it's a nice little change)
Spray to hold & there you have your loose pony.


Stephanie said...

This do looked terrible on my little girl. I wish she had thick hair like your little one. Her hair is just too thin and whispy to make it look good. I even curled all of her hair to give it some body, but to no avail! Your little girl is blessed with cute hair that you are blessed to be able to do!

LegalChic said...

That is very pretty! The French Twist adds a nice look to it :)


famr_4evr said...

I love this one. I'm gonna try it on my 16 yo. Thanks for sharing.

Karie said...

Such a cute blog!! I just came across you from a friend's blog, you're on my sidebar already!! I have a 14month old with lots of hair, can't wait to try some new stuff on her! I've done the flip under ponies and some french braids, criss-cross, and other little things. She actually displayed a french twist today, but it kept falling out, it's too short. I'd love some more ideas for short hair, it's only like 4inches long so far. Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity!!


TheGefrom5 said...

Your dos are so adorale and creative! May i ask how in the world you get your little girl to sit for you while you do that?! My 3 almost 4 year old lets me do her hair sometimes, but is usually complaining and crying all the time! Please help! My email is gefrom@sbcglobal.net. Thank you! Heather

Kenny Do's said...

Love this! Very pretty!

Jess Perry said...

That is so stinkin' cute!!

The Leishman's said...

Love this do. It was so cute on my little girl. I love the twist on the bottom. So great.