February 26, 2009

the Beehive

I don't know why I didn't take pictures for each step - but you get the idea with the few that I have. It kind of looks like a beehive so that's what we're going to name it today. I realize I've done a lot of braiding lately, especially inside-out french braiding. It's just so fast & easy for me to do & so many options. So if you haven't learned how to do it yet - watch the video tutorial below & for those who have - keep practicing because it gets easier everytime.

I've still had quite a few people email me or comment asking how to do the flower bun. Once again, if you click on the labels list, click on "Tutorials" & scroll down until it gives the step by step picture directions of how to do it. Hope that helps those who are still confused!!

I parted the hair all the way around the head, like a headband. What was left in the middle I pulled into a pony tail so I would not include it in my braid. Then I started inside-out french braiding at the front where we normally would part her hair. Braid all the way around the head, making a complete circle.
It was really easy to do, I just had to manuever my body around hers since she likes to sit in one place. When you get to the end, keep braiding to the ends of the hair.

I brought the hair that was left in the middle to a high side pony. Then did our messy bun on top.

I added a bow to the side pony (sorry I didn't take it right after I put it in - this is the best you get but you get the idea)


Rach H said...

I just found your blog from my friend's blog. I LOVE the this post. I would never be that creative all on my own! Can't wait to try this!

here are some links of mine:

Feel FREE to add my bows to your list, if you'd like! :)

Have a great day, and thanks again for sharing your ideas!

ps- do you mind if i add you as a link on my blog?

MaKayla said...

Hey Jess!Would you mind doing a hairstyle that would be good in a pageant?

Thanks! ;)

Candice said...

You are awesome!! Thanks for helping us moms of girls help them look cuter :) I really appreciate all your efforts!! You rock!!