November 15, 2008

I haven't been able to blog as much as I normally like to. It's been a couple crazy months & it's just going to get more hectic with the holidays. Plus Thanksgiving with my fam & a trip to Disneyland pretty much makes it a very crazy next month. So I'm planning on posting some new stuff - just not as often throughout the holidays. Life just gets too hectic & stressful. But once January comes around I'll get around to posting more often. But don't you just love this time of year?? & a random thought - who's counting down for the Twilight movie to come out?? Can't wait - yep planning on going to the midnight movie with my team Edward shirt!!

I've been wanting to post these for awhile now and I thought this would be a good time to post these darling pictures that moms have sent me. I am so impressed...most of these are pictures are from stuff moms saw on here & took it to the next level & totally made it their own. Enjoy!! *sorry most are small - I wish they were bigger so you can see how cute they all are

is this not the cutest face? with her 3 little piggies on top? i really like how she added the 2 piggies underneath too.

her fourth cute

these are out of order - they go with the bigger pics below.

okay - this little girl melts my heart. her mom sent me a lot of fun photos of her. i hope she doesn't mind me mentioning this but this cute girlie has autism & she has to do something to get her hair out of her face or she'll chew on it. I think she's become quite the creative mom with lots of patience. I admire her lots...thanks for the email.

this is macie - her mom got this idea from the worm twists i did a few weeks ago. this is one i see & think why didn't i think of that - it looks darling. (somewhere i had another pic but it didn't upload i see - sorry - hope you can see it well enough)

These got out of order some how - they go along with the bigger pictures up top. This is actually a girl who nannies these 2 girls. So she gets to do 2 little girlies hair!! & i think she does an awesome job!!

Thanks to all of you for sending photos. If you have something you want to share - send them to me. Or if you have step by step instructions you want to share also - send them my way. We all love new ideas.


Cute Girlie do's! said...

Those are all so cute!

Joann said...

What great fun! Isn't it wonderful that more mommies get to spend one on one time with their little girls. I love being a part of that!

Rebecca Kline said...

I just want to thank you for all of you fun posts. I have a 9 year old who is just getting out of wanting her hair "done" in the mornings. She does, however, like having different variations of the corkscrew twist that I learned on you site over the summer. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been able to use your ideas for doing her hair for soccer and we get compliments all the time.

I've got a 5 month old little girl also and I'm waiting for her hair to grow in soon so I've got another 8 years of girlie hair in front of me

Grandma Pearl said...

Enjoyed all of the hair due's but it was hard for me to read.
I liked the last background better.
Sorry, :(
Grandma Pearl

Ginny said...

Such cute photos! I really like that simple pig tail about half way through. Something my daughter wouldn't mind, she hates all the little ponies, lol.

I have a contest going on for gc's to Maiden America (hair clips) Come check it out & enter!