November 10, 2008

2 braids

Pull up the front of the hair & braid on the side.
Pull up the second section of your hair (making sure the braid on the other side is on top) & braid on the opposite side.
Section off your next part of hair & braid off to the side but add the braid above it. I just added it the braid to the middle as part of one of the sections of the 3 strands for the braid. Once I started getting down where there wasn't as much hair, the braid was the only strand of the 3 pieces.
Keep going from side to side with the braids until you are all the way down to the ends.
& that's it...I added some ribbon at the ends of the braids. Spray to hold.


Joann said...

Oooh! Super cute. I love that it looks a little "frenchy" since I can't do a realy french braid. I'll have to try it out tomorrow!

brit said...

love it. how do you keep coming up with such different styles? can't wait to try it.