October 8, 2008


This did take a little bit longer because of the twist braids but I think it turned out cute. If you have 30 minutes to spare - do it!!
So start by parting the hair everywhere. I started at the top, just dividing it in half, but on the side part.
Make your way down, doing the next row.
Go all the way until all the hair is sectioned into little ponies.
Start twisting. I did 2 for every pony which is time consuming. Do one per pony if that's faster for you.
Do the twists all the way around. & you're done!!
front view:


Carolyn said...

Cute! I love that she smiled for you, she's adorable.

Bonny said...

It is cute, but it will look so cute tomorrow too!

Brookie said...

so cute!!! once again jess, good job!