October 13, 2008

Elastic Head Band

This just adds a little something to regular pigtails. & it also keeps from a normal headband from keep falling out.
I parted her hair on a slant. Then work on one side, dividing small section & adding your elastics to make the headband. Once I got to where the hair layed over the elastic, I parted the headband then clipped the rest of the hair up so I could see what I was doing.
Repeat the same thing on the other side of the part.
Once you get to the bottom, you'll want to bring the 2 pieces altogether along with the middle section. It looks off centered but her head is just tilted. Try to make at as centered as possible.
Bring the 3 pieces together with an elastic.
Make your pigtails. Remember when you add the section from the end of the headband to divide it in half & add to each of your piggies
Add some cute bows
I flipped her ends out with a curling iron & sprayed to hold. That's it!!


Emily said...

So cute! I get so many great ideas from your blog. I don't even really check the other hair blogs anymore; yours is the best! I just sent you some pics of things we have tried!

Dave, Gretchen, Cam, Abbie & Sadie said...

So cute Jess!! I might have to try this one tomorrow!! I LOVE this hair blog!! I have used so many of your cute ideas!! Thanks for sharing your talent!!!

Nielsen Family said...

Check out my blog with pictures of a hair do I did that was inspired by you!! Thanks!!

Kreanna said...

This is so DARLING!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to post such great pictures. I have tried several of the hairstyles you have posted. I will have to send you pictures. I even did my daughter's hair like this today. It is SO stinkin' cute!! Thanks for sharing!