October 28, 2008

Does the bow look TOO big? Maybe - but it's too cute not to wear.
First, I divided the hair in half & put elastics only in one half. Then bring it all into a pony, only the ponies from that half. With the other half, I brought up all the hair in that section.
Make your bun (sorry kinda blurry)
Blow dry the hair straight & add your big bow!! That's it!! It was really fast today.
side view


Laura said...

LOVE this do. Thanks!

Kim said...

Very cute!! Thanks a Bunch!

Mary Jane said...

Two questions: First, how do you get your little girl to sit still for so long? Mine starts freaking our if her hair takes longer than two minutes from start to finish! Second, what kind of elastics do you buy, and where do you buy them?

Thanks for all the ideas!