September 12, 2008

the RESULTS from yesterdays braids

I SO wished I braided all the way to the ends - but atleast the top part looks cute, right? I gave her a bath this morning without getting her hair wet at all.

When I took the braids out, I applied polmade all over so it wasn't so frizzy & didn't have that slept on look. I wanted her bangs to be out of her face - so this is what I did:
If you want to do "laces" like she has this is what I did:
Do them CLOSE together. Notice how small my chunks are. Part the hair straight down the middle & add your 2 elastics. Cross the ponies over & add your next 2 elastics.
Go as far down as you would like. I think this would have been easier if her hair was damp (not frizzy) but it still turned out okay.
I curled the ends of her hair with a curling iron...still wishing I braided further down. Oh well:)
I sprayed her hair with hair spray to keep the cute wave. This was such a time saver & I probably could have let her gone another day sleeping in the braids.


Anonymous said...

do you have any hair ideas for really short little girl hair? Like with ponies, and bows and things? H

Carolyn said...

I am an avid reader of your blog! I just wanted to say that I check it daily, I LOVE your hairstyles- they are by far my favorite of any hair website. And you're little girl is adorable :)

Ginny said...

This came out so cute. I kind of like it not to the end, this would be really cute on an older girl as well, I'm going to show it to my 10 year old when she gets home!

My youngest has really long hair, so I do tons of braiding. I've done that before as well, not went all the way down & regretted it the next day, lol.

I just came across your blog today & sat & read through the entire thing! You have such great ideas! With my youngest having such long hair, I always have to do something to it. I am so excited to have some new ideas.

Hopie said...

I just saw your blog today. It looks like I will have a lot of fun following it!!! When I braid my daughter's hair like this, I don't put rubber bands in the ends. I get sponge curlers and curl up the ends so in the morning it's wavy with curl at the end. Try it, I think you'll like it!!!

Stacey said...

When I was in high school (90's) I would do what hopie said above nearly every night! I haven't done it on my girls because I see those pictures and think "Yikes!". It's MUCH cuter on little girls. I love your site. I've been surfing through the lists that other have and I'd say I have a definite top 3 of hair sites I like. Your daughter is adorable to boot! I blogged a couple of the one's I'd found on another site and can't wait to try out yours. You are very selfless to share your styles and let us mom's copycat your flair with hair!
PS I am "bowed out!" (sick of making bows, but I liked your idea of the few bows on an elastic and the longer thin strands on a skinny barrette. Think I might whip some of those up!

..Brookelyn.. said...

If you don't braid all the way to the end, and you have a 3 barrell curling iron, you can just use that. most of the time. sometimes it doesn't look quite the same. it works with mine cuz i have a TON of hair so it just looks like the braid.

Bowznstuff said...

ooo that is CUTE - I kinda like the long ends :)

Bonny said...

It did come out cute, but you know what else works? Twists, some call them corkscrew twists. Just start them as close to the head, make them as tight as you can, and twist as far as you can. We didn't even mean to have kinky hair, but took out my dd's corkscrew twists and it was darling! I think they are easier than braids, but maybe not for you.