August 11, 2008

a "FUNKY" do

This is such a funky but fun do. & it's SUPER quick!!

I started with her hair down. Apply polmade to it. This is the polmade that I use for EVERYTHING!! I love it.

After you have applied the polmade, do random twist braids throughout the hair.

In between the twists, grab little sections & wave them.
See how easy? You are done!!


Amy said...

Love your website. I have seen many of these hair blogs but yours has given me the best inspiration so far. Thanks!

Emmers said...

OHH I haven't seen her hair just down before, it's REALLY pretty! (like in that third pic)

Goldie said...

Love your website! Such cute ideas! Thanks

JAMIE said...

When you do twist braids do you do them by hand or do you have one of those little braiders (conair?.

I love all of you hairdo's I can't wait until my girls' hair get's a little longer and thicker so I can try some more.

west's said...

Jamie - I do not use one of those braiders. I have seen them on infomercials & thought they look pretty handy. My sister, who is an actual hair stylist, does have one & loves it. But I think it is just as quick to do it yourself.

west's said...

That was me Jess, by the way, I forgot I'm signed in with my personal blog. Sorry:)