August 22, 2008

2 low pig-tail braids

I think this makes her look older - but it's so cute.
I normally do her hair damp, but with this one, I totally dried it before hand. Then I added polmade, like usual. I pulled her bangs (pretend bangs) back & ratted it under neath to give it a little more volume. Then pin the bangs back.
Then I did my zig-zag part. Pull one side into a clip so it's out of your way. I again ratted (ratted sounds so gross) the top & put it into a pony tail. Pull the hair up a little so it's not tight against the scalp. Do the same to the other side.
Braid the piggie tails. I only went about half way down - just so I could curl the ends of them.
Add some cute bows & you're finished.


Alyce Dribnak said...

Where do you get those cute bow/flowers? Do you make them? Tell me how please... They are so cute...

jess said...

Yes, I do make them. I just buy the bows at Tai Pan & completely take them apart, then hot glue them back together, leaving the stem out totally (you have to cute it once you get to the last part but then it makes the flowers lay flat). Hot glue it onto an alligator clip that you can buy at Roberts or Sally's. (Michaels & Roberts also have very cute flowers)

These that I made in her hair for this one are actually scrapbook flowers. I do digital scrapbooking now so I have all these left over supplies & thought they would look cute for bows. They actually hold up pretty well since it's really just paper.

You buy the rhinestones at any scrapbooking store.

Let me know if you try them & if you need more help.