July 4, 2008

TiPs oN SofT HeADs

I know it's the fourth of July & I promised myself I wasn't going to post anything today because it's a holiday...right? Well - my kids are still sleeping so I thought it might be okay.

I've had a few moms tell me their little girly's heads are just SO sensitive, that when you take a brush to it they just cry. So I wanted to give a few tips that maybe can work for you.

**Once your little one gets more hair (no more mullets) treat it just like you treat your own. I have found that BABY shampoo/conditioner in one DOES NOT work on my little one. I use on her the shampoo & conditioner that I use on my hair. That way, when I brush through her hair, it is very EASY & not so tangled. Use a detangler if you feel necessary.

**Continuing on with the above: treat her hair like you treat yours, DO leave in conditioners. They keep the hair healthy, soft & shiny looking.

**I use this CHEAP comb that I got when she was a baby. I have used other combs, but for some reason I always resort to this one!! So find a comb that parts well, but that you can also brush her hair through with.

**When her hair is WET, brush her hair with a COMB, starting at the ENDS of the hair & making your way up to the scalp.

**I do my little girl's hair when it is wet. I notice when it is dry or if I redo it at the end of the day, she pouts more. It's easier to slide those elastics in & not pull stray hairs when it's wet.

**The last thing I would suggest is using "soft" elastic bands. If "soft" is possible. This is what I use. They stretch SO good & are EASY to get out. They are only a one time use, but who cares when they are only a couple bucks at Wal-Mart in the baby section.

Hopefully this can be of some help to you moms that are struggling with those softy heads! Try these & see if they work for you.


Ginger said...

I'm so happy to have found you! (Alix Hart is my cousin) anyway my little girl has gorgeous hair and a lot of it, so I am sitting her salivating on these cute hair dos....here is the problem, SHE HATES me to touch her hair, and she won't sit still, and last but not least, I'm a little uncoordinated. So any hints on those issues would be welcomed and I will take pics and send my attempts!

Paige said...

Your hairdos are super cute! My girl is only seven months with short tufts of hair but when she grows more, I'll definitely try these. (I found your blog through Keli's; hope you don't mind!)

Rachel said...

Thanks so much for posting that!!! I like the advice about the leave in conditioners as well as the baby elastics. I've been using Goody in the hair stuff isle, is it the same? Great tips!!!

Rachel said...

I bought the kind of elastics you pictured and they're a billion times better than the Goody kind! Your site is my favorite!!! I ask my daughter to pick her favorite style from your page each day and she *loves* it! Keep up the awesome work!!! :)