July 18, 2008

Puff Braids

I thought this one was pretty self-explanatory, so I didn't take a million pictures like all my other posts. This would also work on a girl who doesn't have much hair, or her hair is really short.
The best way to do this is when the hair is slightly damp. I parted it on the side, trying to keep the elastics as even as possible.
I curled her hair to finish it off.

People always ask how I get her curls to stay all day. The cue is "dirty" hair. We've all heard it before. But since I bathe her in the mornings, I blow dry her hair, add polmade & curl it in sections (bottom, middle & top). Before I curl each section, I spray her hair with hair spray to make it "dirty". Then I curl away. I spray again once I've curled one section. Repeat with each section.


Josh and Lorina said...

I did this one a few days ago..well except the curly locks. (not enough hair for that!) And it turned out way cute. I love this one.

Jenn said...

I had someone email me your blog and I just love what you have done here. It is very cute. Your little girl is darling! And you have some of the best hair styles. I love them all!