July 8, 2008


4 little piggies is super easy. It looks best when the part is as straight as possible.
Do a straight part all the way down, keeping the part to the side instead of middle.

Now, part the hair in half vertically & do your top two ponies.
Then, do your two lower ponies.

front view
back view:
I did the messy buns that I showed in a previous post. But you could do anything you want here: braid the ponies & wrap them into buns, just regular buns &/or don't pull the hair all the way thru & leave it that way.
I added some cute ric-rac that I had in my scrapbooking supplies.

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Brookie said...

this one is my favorite! i have done it on ava twice now and i get lots of compliments:) i love the idea of putting the ric rack in her hair...so cute!