June 10, 2008

twist down

This turns out really cute & is super easy!! You just twist down, merging all the pieces with it the whole way down (almost like a frenchbraid) but twisting the pieces together the same way.
Using the end of a tail comb, line up from the center of left eye to the center part. Slice upward. Working off that line, create an asymmetrical rectangle from the front right slicing all the way until it meets the left part.
I like to pull what is not going into the twist into a pony tail, so I do not include it at all in the twist.

Moving to the right front, grab a small section & overdirect it back & twist.

Take a similar section immediately below the first & merge it with the first twist & continue to twist to the back.

Work through the perimeter of the rectangle by pulling small sections above & below the original twists & including them into the twist. Continue until you reach the end of rectangle.

Secure it with a bobby pin.

So it's pretty simple. I kept the rest of the hair down & waved it, but you could pull it into a low ponytail too.


SMITH'S said...

cute jess! what a good idea. I use to be able to do kaitlyns hair all fun and twisty....than the grow up and want it straight and long or curly and down....not much to work with, oh well. its fun while it lasts ;) you do such a good job with her hair.

Rach said...

Yah-- cute blog! IF only my girls had hair...hmmm

John and Mikelle Hafen said...

oh my gosh! this is so pretty! if i ever have a girl, i might need a hands on lesson! these are all great!